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Le SPACEDRUM PS-3 est une fois de plus le clone d'une machine de légende, le SYNARE 3 qui n'est rien de moins que l'ancètre de la batterie electronique. Très utilisé dans les années 70-80 dans de nombreux styles (disco, funk, new wave et bien sur le reggae-dub), certains batteurs, comme SLY DUNBAR, l'utiliseront  sur presque toutes leurs productions. Egalement très utilisé en sound system par JAH SHAKA et ABA SHANTI,

son vintage garanti !


The SPACEDRUM PS-3 is once again a clone of a legendary machine, the SYNARE 3 which is nothing less than the ancestor of the electronic drums. Widely used in 70-80 years in many styles (disco, funk, new wave and of course reggae-dub), some drummers like SLY DUNBAR, use it in almost all their productions. Also widely used in sound system like JAH SHAKA and ABA SHANTI, vintage sound guaranteed!


The SPACEDRUM PS-3 percussion pad is dynamic and level dependent. There are two oscillators. Oscillator one can produce noise or an adjustable pitch. Oscillator two can generate an LFO (called SLO on the unit) or an adjustable pitch. Either oscillator can be turned off if single oscillator operation is desired. There is a filter on the unit as well, with the following controls: Tune (filter frequency), Oscillator 2 level, Sweep, Resonance, and Decay.The final amplifier section has Volume and Decay time controls. The resonance in the filter section can be turned up to get self oscillation.


Oscillator 1 - Pitch Source
TUNE: controls pitch of Oscillator in OSC 1 position
OFF: no function
NOISE: white noise source
OSC 1: turns on Oscillator pitch
Oscillator 2 - Pitch source and controller
TUNE: controls pitch of oscillator in OSC 2 position or speed of LFO in SLO position
OFF: no function
SLO: makes oscillator an LFO controller
OSC 2: turns on oscillator pitch (or higher speed LFO)
Filter - Sound modifier or source
TUNE: controls sound quality of an oscillator or tune (pitch) of the filter
OSC 2: controls how much LFO (Oscillator 2) affects the filter
SWEEP: determines how much pitch drop the Tune of the Filter will have
RES: controls sound quality of an oscillator or turns the Filter into a sound source
DECAY: determines how long it takes for the Sweep to effect the Tune of the Filter
Amplifier - Controls how the output will sound
DECAY: determines how long the sound will take to die out
VOL: controls the volume of the output"

CONTRÔLE DYNAMIQUE - Le Spacedrum PS-3 réagira comme n'importe quel tambour mécanique. Plus vous le frappez fort, plus le son devient fort. Un coup faible donnera un son plus doux. Parfait pour les accents.



DYNAMIC CONTROL - The SPACEDRUM PS-3 will act and respond like any mechanical drum. If you hit it harder, the sound gets louder. A softer strike will yield a softer sound. The harder you hit it, the higher the pitch will shoot, or the brighter the sound gets. Perfect for accents.

Caractreristiques techniques:


- Alimentation par adaptateur secteur (fourni)

- Sortie jack 6.3 mono

- Entrée trigger jack 6.3 mono

- Dimensions : 145 x 121 x 50 mm

PRIX : 220€  (frais d'envoi inclus pour l'EU)


Technical details:


- Powered by power adaptor (included)

- Output on 6.3 mono jack plug

- Trigger input on 6.3 mono jack

- Size : 145 x 121 x 50 mm

PRICE : 220€  (incl. shipping to EU)

PRICE : 240€  (incl. shipping to WORLD)


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